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About Us

Originated with the desire to offer tailored solutions to each unique costumers, our young and enthusiastic company is founded in 2018 as a ship supplier by Mr. Varol Duzkaya who brings together an eminent team with long years of experience and vocational skills in the ship supply industry.

In the first place, AtoZ is an essential and original ship supply and service company that offers professional stores supply and maintenance & repair services. Furthermore, with our head office at Istanbul and branch offices & subsidiaries based at key locations throughout Turkey, we provide all kind of ship stores and services at all Turkish waters.

As part of our service concept, our customers’ satisfaction is always our highest priority hence we provide successful, affordable, durable, well-qualified materials, advanced products and flawless customer service in the range of ship supply and services.

Moreover, we understand and foresee the ever-changing demands of this industry thus by combining our know-how experience with our eagerness to learn, to improve and to surpass ourselves, we increase continuously our knowledge and capacity. By implementing usage of modern technology and investing in our company, we wish to develop & maintain long-term business relationships with our esteemed customers.

Last but not least, we continue this journey, which we started with our young colleagues who know how to use modern ship technology effectively, for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.